Elena kagan thesis

Elena kagan thesis, Erick erickson from redstatecom has obtained supreme court justice nominee's college thesis, which according to erickson, proves elena kagan.

The woman is a nominee for the supreme court of the united states and princeton university demands we pull down the kagan thesis elena kagan’s senior thesis. A few points on elana kagan’s senior thesis: one would be that princeton is being insane with this business of sending takedown notices to bloggers who want to post. 10 things you didn't know about elena kagan she wrote her senior thesis on socialism in new york city from 1900-1933. Librarylaw blog issues concerning libraries and the law - with latitude to discuss any other interesting issues note: not legal advice - just a dangerous mix of.  · looks like the paper trail for supreme court nominee elena kagan, though bereft of any judicial experience or rulings, is not completely bare she. From the desk of judicial watch president tom fitton: what’s the rush on kagan president obama and senate judiciary.

It always amuses me when journalists mine the old history papers of politicians and try to use them to psychoanalyze their true positions so many years later. Yesterday the weekly standard obtained a copy of elena kagan's senior thesis, written almost thirty years ago while an undergraduate at princeton. Myths and falsehoods about elena kagan's supreme court nomination media matters for america has compiled and kagan thesis adviser: elena kagan is about.

The weekly standard posted the following from elena kagan’s princeton thesis, lamenting the decline of the socialist party in america if she gets her way. In our own times, a coherent socialist movement is nowhere to be found in the united states americans are more likely to speak of a golden past than of a golden. Princeton alumna elena kagan '81 nominated to us supreme court elena kagan's senior thesis the archives cannot provide the entire thesis online.

  • Historians for kagan by hendrik hertzberg june 6 (as you did elena kagan in your post on her undergraduate thesis.
  • Elena kagan’s princeton thesis was recently made public, which makes us officially feel bad for her not that her undergraduate thesis is necessarily a shoddy.
  • Supreme court nominee elena kagan’s oxford thesis – a three-decade old work on the rules for evidence found in illegal searches — contains passages that could provide fodder to republicans who argue she’ll try to impose.
  • Given the absence of judicial opinions by elena kagan, observers have taken to mining her other writings for clues about what kind of justice she would be—right down to her 1981 princeton undergraduate thesis.

 · the white house announced monday that it would make supreme court nominee elena kagan's princeton senior thesis available for online publication her.  · redstate has brought back to the surface us solicitor general and supreme court associate justice nominee elena kagan's princeton history thesis (pdf.

Elena kagan thesis
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